Where Couture Meets the Cure

1. Brief

A small group of young women, recently graduated from high school, had a big desire to support people with cancer. Between them, an idea sparked to raise funds through a fashion show, ‘Where Couture Meets the Cure’, with all proceeds to be directed to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Initially the group approached Impact AV with a request for a basic audio visual package to support the event, to be held at Dockside. At that stage, not in their wildest dreams did they imagine how successful the event would become! The support they generated was amazing – including from fashion icons Alex Perry, Bianca Spender, Camilla, Carla Zampatti and Marie Skillings; big name entertainers such as Mark Lizotte (Deisel) and Wess Carr; and hosts Richard Wilkins and Natalie Gruslewski.

Suddenly we had an exciting, high profile event, with extremely complex production requirements, a limited budget and a tight time frame! The enthusiasm of the girls was so infectious, and their cause so admirable, that Impact AV happily became a sponsor of the event, providing services well beyond the brief to support an outcome which matched the professionalism required.

2. Approach

To ensure the fashion was the centrepiece of the evening, we created an audio visual package for the catwalk that drew attention beautifully to the models, showing the designs in the best possible light. We also created a spectacular lighting sequence for a specially choreographed dance, working closely with the performers to ensure we captured the right theme and atmosphere.

We achieved this through an impressive lighting system of Smart Mac moving head lights which we’d previously installed at Dockside. These lighting fixtures enabled us to produce the professional lighting show within the confines of the low ceiling, without the need for additional rigging which may have impeded viewing. In addition, our audio technicians worked closely with the entertainers to meet the specific production requirements for each of Deisel and Wess Carr.

We encountered many last minute challenges that needed quick solutions – such as the need for more power than initially expected to cater not only for our AV systems but also the back of house hair and makeup needs. We also happily stepped outside our usual roles to assist the organisers beyond the AV sphere. We drew deeply on our experience which enabled us to work calmly and quickly to resolve all issues and ensure the show was a huge success, no matter what.

3. Result

More than 550 guests attended the show and the feedback – from the organisers, guests and entertainers – was overwhelmingly positive. Everybody had a fabulous night and, very importantly, more than $60,000 was raised for the Australian Cancer Research Foundation.


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