Ritta and Richard’s Wedding

1. Brief

Impact AV Australia supplied a complete lighting effects package for the duration of Ritta and Richard’s wedding. Ritta and Richard wanted to create an atmosphere for their mixed traditional wedding of both Chinese and Lebanese cultures.
Last minute inclusions requested were to include a video slide show with audio of photographs from the ceremony earlier in the day.

2. Approach

Firstly, a senior technician and wedding coordinator meet with Ritta and Richard to discuss their wants, expectations and requirements. During this meeting they informed us of the Lebanese traditional drummers and the Chinese Lion dancers who would be performing.

We created various room effects though out the evening to create the required atmosphere and mood for each part of the reception, along with the bride and groom to be.

Keeping with Lebanese tradition we removed colour from the dance floor area while traditional dancing took place, as well as created romance during the first waltz with patterned spot light which danced across the dance floor area.

Just a few days out from the event the bride also called requesting a screen and projector for use of their photo/videographer.

3. Result

On the night Impact AV, the guests, fellow suppliers and staff were all extremely excited about the outcome.

The night of the reception was freezing cold weather, though guests entered into the reception with a warm and inviting atmosphere, a glass gobo was used to spot light tables, slowly rotating to create a coloured rippled water effect.

As the Bridal party entered the venue’s atmosphere changed completely, with a ballyhoo effect which drew everyone’s eyes to the entry area, as well as providing spot lights to guests and photographers for photo taking.

We were able to break each section into segments; with the Lebanese traditions having a white spot lighted theme and the Chinese Traditions having amber themes.

As part of the break up between the Australian/English music dance time and the Lebanese tradition dancing, there was the Video Slide Show which showed the photos from the ceremony and the photos session which took place earlier in the day.

Everything went off without a glitch, and having an Impact AV operator there, he was able to make some slight adjustments when required.


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