Ted X

1. Brief

Sydney, Australia Organizer James Hill contacted Impact AV to supply equipment and services to the 1st ever TEDx Bligh Street series on Level 15 No 1 Blight Street. The requirements were to provide an exceptional stream to a global audience via the clients Youtube Live account. The client also wanted to make sure that the audience attending could also see the presenter’s content during the session.

2. Approach

Our approach to this event was to ensure the Theme: To Strive, to Seek, to Find connected to the viewers online and at the event. We utilised the internal LED Screens for the talk content and for the local audience. We then integrated these computer signals with the mixed camera and audio feeds using our Wirecast encoder to give the stream-mix either full screen of the presenter content, the presenter themselves or a PIP (Picture in Picture) of both the presenter and their content to help the online viewers follow along.

3. Result

Was a successful delivery of content from the following Speakers.

Bates Gill
Professor + Asia Pacific security expert

Charlie Teo
Neurosurgeon + campaigner

Jane Harper
Jane is one of Australia’s leading fiction authors.

Jodie Ward
Forensic Biologist

John Bell
Actor + Director

Jon Owen
Pastor + Campaigner

Ronni Kahn
Social Entrepreneur + Founder of OzHarvest

Solli Raphael
Spoken word artist

The Light Collective Photography
Marine Scientist + Conservationist

Toby Walsh
Scientia Professor of Artificial Intelligence


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