Shalom College Annual Formal Ball

1. Brief

The annual formal ball is always a highlight of the active social program enjoyed by the students of Shalom College, a residential college within the grounds of the University of New South Wales. The students chose Dockside as their venue for the special evening and approached Impact AV to provide an affordable, themed lighting package to give their event that extra ‘wow’ factor.

2. Approach

To create a fun and vibrant atmosphere which matched the partying vibe of the students, we used a special lighting package with multiple colours and moving shapes. The effects of the lighting truly brought the room to life.

Throughout the evening, we varied the lighting effects to keep up the buzz of the night, with a special emphasis on the dance floor and entertainment. Our experienced technicians were on hand to make sure the night ran smoothly. That meant the coordinators had no need to worry about a thing – they could kick back and have a great time along with their fellow partygoers.

3. Result

Over [100] students attended the formal ball and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with everybody having a fabulous night. The event is sure to have created lasting memories of their student years for everyone attending.


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