Sealy Australia

Thank you so much to you and your team for your flawless service for our event yesterday. We really appreciate everything you all do for us.

Rachael Knipler

1. Brief

Sealy Australia approached Impact AV to help launch their massive production factory in Villawood. They had two parts to the design a grand opening and a walk through of the factory premise.

They wanted the staff to have very professional yet epic feel at the event. Starting off at the loading docks the staff would walk around to the main entrance with CEO Larry Rogers cutting the ribbon and welcoming the team in.

For the crowd seamless flow was crucial for the success of the event Sealy wanted to have speaker placements outside the building with one of the organisers leading 250 people with a microphone from the loading dock to the front entrance.

The last part of the brief was they wanted minimal cabling throughout the event.

2. Approach

Working with multiple zones and a distance of nearly 300m and mitigating any unnecessary cabling was a challenge.

We had set up 4x dual speaker (QSC K12.2) placements along the premise of the building, daisy chaining the input and outputs of the speakers with Shure PSM900 Transmitter P9TR-K1E 596-632 MHz and the Shure P9RA-K1E Wireless Bodypack Receiver 596-632 MHz so that the signal could wirelessly hop between each zone from our Soundcraft Si Performer (audio control) which was 300m away in the loading dock.

We then had the challenge of ensuring that the single microphone from the organisers could be walked around from the loading dock to the front entrance without losing signal. To help us accomplish this we utilized Shure UA874WB Active Directional Antenna’s at 3x of the zones which boost our radio microphone signal sufficiently.

3. Result

The weather was not favourable for the event with heavy down pour, luckily the loading dock was massive enough to accommodate the 250 people.

Impact AV quickly repurposed the speakers and wireless transmitting kits to the loading dock. With everything positioned, tuned and tested the grand opening of Sealy’s Villawood factory was memorable and fun with great people, good music and delicious food trucks Sealy definitely delivered a family felt vibe.


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