Property Investor Dinner

1. Brief

Property Investor came to us wanting to have and end of year Christmas celebration. The evening event was to honour their sales staff with an evening of entertainment and awards.  The client wanted to have music and comedy to thrill their audience.

2. Approach

A large stage was assembled and draped with star curtain and red velvet curtains. Two LED screens framed the stage on either side, 2 11×6 LED Video walls (11 panels across by 6 down). Two more LED screens were positioned at the very outer edges so that the stage was visible from anywhere in the pavilion, 2 6×3 LED Video walls (6 panels across by 3 down). In the middle of the pavilion a truss was rigged with an assortment of fairy lights and glowing orbs and stars this gave the room a light magical feel. The ceiling of the pavilion was up lit with 40 intelligent wash lights alternating colours of red, blue and purple. The stage had two white spotlights trained on it to follow the speakers and entertainment. The client used our UPA Flying audio rig consisting of 10 hanging UPA Speakers hung across the ceiling of the Pavilion to amplify their night.

3. Result

The night turned out to be the highlight of the year for the business. The entertainment was inserted in between speakers and awards to create a flowing and seamless event. The client was very happy with the result.


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