Pacific Fashion

1. Brief

The event was a full venue runway fashion show. Pacific Fashion was an event to represent and showcase designers who work in the Pacific Island region. The client wanted a large and long runway to give space and volume to the event.

2. Approach

The runway lighting was set up the entire length of the venue. There were 40 intelligent profile spotlights and 40 intelligent wash lights aimed to highlight and follow the models down the walkway. In the roof were 50 LED lighting strips to colour the pavilion canvas with tropical colours to give the room an oceanic paradise atmosphere.

Also a PA system with UPA Flying audio rig consisting of 10 hanging UPA Speakers hung across the ceiling of the Pavilion was set up for the emcee and interviews with designers.

Three video cameras were used to capture the event and project it to two 6×3 LED Video walls (6 panels across by 3 down) and two 11×6 LED Video walls (11 panels across by 6 down). This vision was to assist the full venue audience to view the fashion event.

3. Result

This was one of the largest pacific fashion shows in the world. It showcased dozens of pacific island designers and their fantastic clothes to worldwide large and small chain buyers and sellers. A terrific result and event for the southern hemisphere.


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