Night Owls Kids’ Film Festival

1. Brief

In 2012 the precinct in Darling Harbour called Darling Quarter was established. At the time Darling Quarter wanted to embark on their first major marketing exercise with an outdoor movie event for families.

Impact AV was approached with this idea and together with Darling Quarter Management we developed what has become Darling Quarters most prestigious event of each year – “ The Night Owls Kids’ Film Festival”

2. Approach

Impact AV Australia every year since 2012 has supplied an outdoor LED screen for this event.
This LED screen has its own specially engineered support structure. Once the screen is installed we built a stage in front of the screen for the live acts each night.

A 4 x 15” JBL PA system is rigged off the screen structure with another pair of delay speakers further into the Village Green to give an extended audio coverage. Darling quarter plays a series of promo and advertising reels before, after and in-between the main film features. During the 3 week event, each night has an entirely different schedule and features.


3. Result

Families come from all over Australaia to experience this free family event. Rain, Hail or Shine.

From its inception in 2012, Impact AV has been the major suppler partner in this full live entertainment event, each night engaging kids and their parents. The precinct has a series of cafes and restaurants that cater for the two main office towers but during the summer months when the offices are all on holidays this festival gets necessary foot-traffic flowing through to those venues.

This event gets the best social media exposure and global engagement of all Darling Quarter events.


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