Newslocal Junior Sports Star Awards

1. Brief

Directions Conference and Incentives Managements contracted Impact AV Australia for the 5th year running for the NewsLocal 2016 Junior Sports Star Awards – an event to recognise and highlight the up and coming talent and sporting achievements within the younger generation. The theme encompassed the concept of bright, vibrant displays of bold colours, mixed with spotlighted sports graphics that moved through the room. The team had to remember the event was for kids and make it as fun and full of life as possible, which they did!

2. Approach

Following the brief, the team at Impact AV wanted to reflect the life and energy of the younger crowd throughout all elements during the night. A spectacular and unique opal acrylic stage, brightly lit up from the inside with LED lights, set the mood and standard for the course of the night. Behind the stage, a star cloth was lit up to sparkle through the night. Large plain drapes were set up to capture the moving sports graphics as they passed around the room.

Moving lights allowed the theme to flow and integrate into the rest of the venue which was further complimented with lots of radiant colours, wild shapes and distinctive patterns. This was great as it kept the generally unfocused and uninterested audience excited and added to the overall look and feel of the main focal point. Also this provided great advertising support for the client’s main sponsor, Rebel, who was able to get their branding out to over 650 attendees through the help of Impact AV’s effective brand exposure techniques.

3. Result

The night truly encapsulated and highlighted the great successive sporting achievements of the future sporting stars. Impact AV was able to preserve the attention of all 650 attendees throughout the course of the evening through careful placement and enhancements of the many essential technical elements used. The concept and theme was carried across the entire venue, with great brand awareness opportunities for the client’s main sponsor. With the assistance of Impact AV the team was able to expose the honorable sporting capability of the future sporting icons.


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