Escape Travel

1. Brief

CI Events commissioned Impact AV Australia to technically produce this event at Dockside Pavilion for the Escape Travel Ball.

This entailed many pre-production meetings on site to discuss various aspects of the event with the stage and set builders, CI events and Impact AV Australia.

The format of the evening would be an awards night with multiple awards intertwined with professionally produced videos.

2. Approach

Impact AV Australia staggered the event set-up over a few days prior to the event.
The fixed lighting throughout the night highlighted the purpose built stage and set while the moving lights covered various areas throughout the venue with colour and movement.

The audio system covered a large area (100m x 25m) and packed a punch throughout the entire venue. The installed UPA system zoned to cover the various areas with precise speaker placement accomplished this comfortably.

The visual content was mixed between an awards presentation slide pack and multiple animations created by CI events, also two high resolution videos to top and tail the event and a live to screen camera.

At the control area Impact AV Australia crew mixed one camera to screen while operating the slides and videos via iMac computers running PVP, also playing audio stings and orchestrating lighting ballyhoos on cue.

3. Result

Around 900 guests enjoyed a truly professionally managed event. Both the end client and CI events were very happy with the outcome.


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