“Impact AV, I cannot believe the lengths you went to make this event the most successful event done in Australia to date for our launch. I just wish you were able to come on board for the Melbourne and Brisbane leg. Your ideas, execution as well as the end result were something only seen on our main European launch. Thank you so much and I will definitely in touch.”

1. Brief

ComCater approached Impact AV Australia to work together to launch a range of new industrial catering ovens in Sydney. Since three Australian cities were chosen to participate in the worldwide launch, we had a standard to meet. 120 guests attended the invite only event and were privy to live cooking demonstrations showing the oven’s new and exciting features.

2. Approach

The ComCater organiser had dealt with plenty of aspects with the launches but the AV requirements were still something that she needed direction on. Her only prerequisite was that the theme was “White” and as long as we were able to fit in the theme, she was quite happy for our production team to put forward ideas on incorporating a high standard launch layout with a focus of the product reveal. A “kabuki” drape reveal was decided as this would provide a quick and seamless “WOW” factor. Along with some theatrical lighting to accompany the reveal, it really draws the guest’s eyes towards the presentation area and having the ovens hidden behind a white drape already gave the guests a sense of curiosity as soon as they entered the room.

3. Result

The client was extremely happy with the end result. Sydney, being the second launch location, had already surpassed the Melbourne launch with flying colours. We had exceeded their expectations and they were only hoping that Brisbane, the last launch location, would be able to try to reach the level of excellence that we strived for with our client.


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