1. Brief

Impact AV were proud to be commissioned by their client the Canterbury Bulldogs to collaborate for their 2020 Season Launch. Maggie from Fresh Creative Styling collaborated with us to create a truly Bulldogs event with industrial theming for the evening.

2. Approach


To help flesh out the industrial design Impact AV & FCS agreed that truss and ambient lighting were key to achieve a tough but intimate atmosphere.

Utilizing rigging points at Waterview chain motors were attached to hoist 2x truss lines to hang lighting and greenery supplied by Maggie. The stage design was set as two-tier design 1st tier sitting at 0.4m H for the players and a 0.6m H stage back line to support the Bulldogs 9.6m banner. To keep it formal Bulldogs wanted to have a black drapeline which we positioned behind the stages and screens.

To help accentuate the event Impact AV programmed 15 intelligent lights to create movement and focus points throughout the room. 10 roof wash fixtures to create the general tone and 16 up lights were used to promote the Bulldog blue at the entrance of the event and throughout.

The Impact team supplied a FOH sound system for the DJ which was linked to the installed PA within the venue to give a supreme sound. With the bulldogs supplying a slick Perspex lectern Impact AV connected lectern microphones and utilized handhelds for both player and presenters.

Impact AV technicians ensured content transitioned seamlessly operating on the Roland V- 40, 2x Macbooks and Soundcraft Digital Si Performer. The content was displayed using 3x Panasonic laser projectors on to Stumpfl 16:10 Screen.

3. Result

The event was a complete success ushering in a positive start to the Bulldogs season, both players, sponsors and organizers were pleased with industrial vibe and flow of the event.


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