PANPA Future Forum and Conference Awards

1. Brief

Impact AV was engaged to supply audio visual services for the Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers’ Association (PANPA) Future Forum, a multiday conference attended by newspaper industry professionals from across the globe. PANPA wanted to create an “inspirational” atmosphere, to provide an energised environment for delegates to discuss industry insights and trends for the future. A highlight of the forum was a prestigious gala evening which included the Annual Newspaper of the Year & Advertising Awards. Given the high caliber of the presenters, and their strong collective interest in the high tech digital arena, it was essential our audio visual production met the highest global quality standards.

2. Approach

We created an inspirational feeling in the room using our spectacular Smart Mac lighting system, which also allowed us to use gobos to promote the client brand, another very important element of the event. We carefully considered and meticulously planned all of the vision, sound and staging for the two day event, including use of inspirational video to keep energy levels high among the delegates. We accommodated all technical requirements for the many presentations throughout the event. In the evening, we met the challenge of orchestrating a very quick and seamless change of drapes and lighting, with coloured and beautifully lit sails, to transform the conference room into a magical gala venue. Upon re-entering the room, guests were treated to a completely new vibrant space, and experienced a wonderful evening with a seamlessly produced ceremony.

3. Result

Impact AV addressed all integrated requirements for the conference and awards night with great success. Most importantly there were no technical problems due to careful planning and consideration of the speakers’ material and the high quality of audio visual technicians supporting the event. Through our audio visual recommendations, we lifted the bar for PANPA’s Future Forum series, creating a fun, creative and inspirational arena for delegates to share their ideas and deliver their messages and enjoy a magical gala awards ceremony.


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