Philanthropic Events

Improve The Welfare Of Others.

Share and help others by reaching out through events. One of the first steps in opening hearts to local and worldwide issues is to bring people together to raise awareness. 

Impact AV will support your team with affordable and reliable expertise that encourages compassion and action.

Production with Purpose

Giving Is Contagious.

Reaching the heart of the matter is crucial when bringing people together to help others. 

Empower your events by increasing your communication with audio visual, to reach a more impacting outcome

You can generate a shared experience that can positively connect and affect people. 

What We Do

Encourage Through Technology

Enjoy the experience of giving more at your events with Impact AV support. Our guidance will reduce technical risk, increase audience focus and build on your reputation positively.

We want to ensure your event’s message is conveyed correctly. We will help you to put your energy where it matters.



Technology To Deliver Knowledge

Good education has the power to change a life. Use our technology to keep people focused.

Employ our team to help elevate your teaching experience. Use our equipment to increase your multi-sensory communication and improve audience content absorption.



Advocate Awareness Through AV

When caring for your community, it is key to express the benefits of what your providing with clarity

By holding medical meetings, health expos and fitness seminars, you can create a strong information foundation and build areas of community healthcare. 

Use Impact AV to help you share information and strengthen knowledge.




Receive Respectful Service

Your spiritual expression is complimented by our AV service. Our service will highlight and capture the important and intimate moments during your event. 

You will receive respectful and fully supportive service throughout with an emphasis on personable communication.



Lighting The Way

Impact AV knows improving the lives of others is a essential.

The need to ease suffering and improve the quality of people’s lives is great. We work with you to amplify your message and connect your audience with clarity and confidence.

Our Work

Servicing Events For 20+ Years


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