Outdoor Events

Power Of Change.

Outdoor events are spectacular! They deliver fresh and invigorating ways to communicate with your audience.

Use our expert planning and quality equipment for your outdoor experience. We will ensure that no-matter-what the conditions are your event will be looked after.


Less Stress, More Energy.

We want you to see and hear amazing things. That is our why! Impact AV will work closely with you to guide, advise, and implement your vision.

Your message and brand is important and we will make you look and sound great. And we do that in a bespoke way, to your budget and esthetic.

What We Do

Planning Saves Time And Trouble

We are expert problem solvers. Start with us at the beginning of your planning. Our experience will help you navigate the problems that can occur when holding an event outdoors. The variables of location, space, weather, power, internet, noise are just a few of the common issues that arise when planning an outdoor event. 

By including us early on in your event planning you will minimise and avoid problems.


Temporary Installations

Grand Openings, Expositions

Our service can get your event up and running anywhere, anyplace for any length of time – day, week or month.

If you have an event that needs flexibility we can provide that service to you.


Field Events

Athletic, Charity, Community

We take our service to remote locations and bring the expertise with us. Your outdoor group event will happen easily with our knowledge and planning.  



Public Events

Your large public event needs our competent and organised approach. We will support your event with fully compliant SWMS documents and management plans. 

Our strategic AV setups ensure maximum audience reach for minimal budgets.


Cultural Events

Expressing Diversity

Impact AV supports all of Australia’s diverse cultures, and seeks to showcase each distinct style of event expression. 

We are supportive and respectful of every culture, and strive to create memorable and harmonious events.

Our Work

Servicing Events For 20+ Years


Chat with us about your event requirements

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