Who We Are

We are a family, a team united by our love for all things audio visual. From a single vision, developed by Silas Creel in 1999, Impact AV Australia began providing quality customer-focused service to you.

For the next two decades we grew by providing custom audio visual venue installations in Sydney and Newcastle. These venues included Dockside, L’Aqua, Waters Edge, Italian Village, The Imax Theatre, Dockside Pavillion, Merewether Surfhouse, Athol Hall Italian Village, Waterfront and Waterview Convention Centre. Each venue showcased the quality of Impact AV’s audio visual work.

Impact AV Australia is highly respected Australian business. We are known for our ability to give customers and stakeholders quality AV solutions for the events industry.

We strive to increase your audience engagement, decrease any stress, and build impact into your event!

Our Company Values


We greatly value the depth and breadth of our staff's experience. Our experience consistently provides clients with reliable and unforgettable service.


Our commitment to using cutting edge AV technology enhances every event. Our AV is reliable and creates a very desirable and long lasting impression.


Your engagement with your audience is our primary goal. Our experienced staff and quality AV improve audience engagement by creating a desirable and unforgettable event.

Meet Our Team

Our Team


Silas Creel


Silas Creel is our CEO. He has worked for 30 years in the AV industry. Silas' main focus is to ensure stakeholders and staff are happy, and that we continually offer clients the best service possible.

Silas graduated with a degree in Music Production and Business from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1989. He began his career in Sydney in 1991 as an AV warehouse/ technician at Jands. He then transferred to production coordinator at Sydney Convention Centre. A third move onto 2IC at Gearhouse, where he decided to start his own business Impact AV in 2000.

Silas specialises in audio visual venue designs. He has successfully designed every one of our venue permanent AV installations.


Kath Creel


Kath Creel is our CFO and Marketing Director. She has worked with visual communication for 30 years. Kath believes that our main goal as an AV company is to make clients look and sound great.

Kath graduated with a degree in Visual Communications from the Colorado Institute of Art in 1990. She started her visual communications career as a graphics producer for Lend Lease events in 1993. Kath then worked at ACP to train staff on graphic software, she also managed the art department at Andersen Consulting, and worked in the marketing department at ING. Thirteen years ago Kath joined the family business.

Kath cares about our client experience. Her noted accomplishments are our quality brand identity, our company's solid financial footing, and our focus on customer service.

Jason Downes

General Manager

Jason Downes is our General and Operations Manager. He describes himself as an AV technician who loves what he does. Jason is passionate about the outcome of every event we take on.

Jason works alongside the team every day to ensure we always give our clients the best of ourselves in every task we perform. He strives to make your event a success.

Jason’s start in the AV industry was at the tender age of 15. Over those 35 years, he has worked in Sydney doing tens of thousands of events in corporate offices, hotels, function centres, arenas, and parks. Jason has also toured with corporate clients around Australia a dozen or more times. And he has travelled internationally to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and New Zealand, Dubai UAE, Oman Saudi Arabia doing all levels of events, working with all types of clients - private, corporate, government and royalty.

Jason has the outstanding ability to consistently implement the AV industry's new and rapidly evolving technology into reliable instruments of communication for our business.

Alex Creel

Business Manager

Alex Creel is our Business Manager. He continually demonstrates to our staff and clients that gratitude and team collaboration are our guiding principles.

Alex received his Live Sound Engineer diploma from SAE in 2015 and his Event Management diploma from Carrick in 2013. He started with our company in 2008 as a work experience student. And became full time technician in 2010. Alex then assisted event production, and he now leads our company.

Alex has a remarkable ability to implement change management. His work has consistently upgraded our company with new systems of operation and structures, and every time it has been a proven success. Alex's ingenuity has modernised this company keeping us competitive.

Vester Campion

Account Manager/Streaming Senior

Vester “Ves” Campion is our Client Services Manager. It is his job to give our clients the best technical solutions, create new client relationship, and support communication between the venue management and our technical teams. Ves helps us to plan and navigate the challenges every event has to offer.

Ves started AV production in 1995, and since then doing every conceivable type of event in his 25 year AV career. He started his career working in an AV warehouse. Throughout his career working his way through all aspects and positions in our industry. Ves' work has taken him all around Australia several times. And internationally Ves has managed many high profile events in USA, New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore and South Korea.

During his 10 years with Impact AV, Ves has successfully created and implemented our webcasting and videoconferencing business, connecting clients virtually across the globe.

Myles Host

Senior Technician
Myles Host is one of our senior technicians. Myles grew up in a community of musicians. His community influence gave him the desire to work with performers and live events, and he naturally progressed into his live events profession. Myles studied music production at Ultimo TAFE in 2013.

Myles' career started in studio recording sessions within his local town. Myles then stretched out of his community and for seven years operated freelance AV in Australia's most prestigious venues, working both corporate and private events.

Myles has been working with Impact AV since April 2021. He prides himself on providing a high standard in all he delivers and supporting those around him to do the same.

Chan Park

Senior Technician
Chan Park says, 'I am technically minded and have a passion for all ranges of AV technologies'.

He is one of our senior technicians. Chan started his professional career as a live sound engineer in Korea. He worked a variety of different venues in Korea including concert halls, art theatres, function centres and outdoor venues.

Chan also toured Korea nationally and experienced a range of different scale productions. Chan has been with Impact AV since April 2021. And along with working with us, he also does AV work with churches on his time off.

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