Starr Partners Awards

The Brief

The Starr Partners Annual Awards Event is an important affair to their company. So much so, Star Partners CEO Douglas Discroll takes the reins in all details big and small when it comes to the organisation. Having worked with Mr Driscoll over several years, Impact AV knows what the Starr Partners brand represents and what the awards night means to them. It was important that a professional and seamless event happened, and that each year the guests continue to get a bigger and better WOW factor.

The Approach

Mr Driscoll wanted a big stage presence. Something that draws the eye in but not an overcomplicated design. He also wanted to create the illusion that this was a straight forward awards night with no entertainment or DJ. A glowing acrylic stage with a star cloth backdrop and lycra towers with internal lighting running along the back of the stage gave a great WOW factor.  Also this design kept it aesthetically simple. Using the venue’s in house floating wall system and a drape line, Impact was able to hide the dance floor and band from guests’ sight. Once given the cue, the wall spilt in two down the middle and with the help of 20 moving lights, gave way the rush of excited attendees ready to dance the night away.

The Results

The client was extremely happy with the end result, stating the expert advice and shared enthusiasm for the event helped guide him to one of their best awards nights ever! Always focused on the future as the head of a large business, Mr Driscoll already wants to see how we are going to top their event next year.