Special Olympics Fundraiser

The Brief

To help raise money to send athletes to the next Special Olympics an annual Laugh Out Loud (LOL) breakfast was held in May 2014 at the ANZ Stadium in The Millennium Room, Sydney Olympic Park.  Engaged as technical producer for the event for the fourth year running, Impact AV was in the driving seat to help create a highly memorable morning, not only for the Special Olympic committee and families but also for corporate partners and sponsors.

The Approach

The Millennium Room at ANZ Stadium is a notoriously difficult venue to access, requiring a large crew and several vehicles full of equipment. This required a significant amount of skill and planning from Impact AV to ensure the continual success of this event. Setting up commenced from the day prior which helped Impact AV to accommodate and deliver high standards of professional service to a unique and complex working environment. However despite these challenges, the guys were able to use this unusual luxury to bring together all the vital elements into one seamless production.

The simple yet effective lighting concepts, gave the stage a professional look and feel without being to over bearing for presenters and guests. The audio system had to cover a very wide area (almost 100m), yet still packed a punch throughout the entire room. This was enhanced through the precise speaker placement of the VRX system which accomplished a clear crisp audio projection within the entire room.

Vision was the usual mixed bag of videos, slide presentations, rolling auction updates, live to screen camera and a live auction website updated via audio from the room.

Despite working to a tight deadline, we were able to gather several videos and embed them into an ever updating slide deck to create a professional presentation. We mixed one camera to screen while running the slides and videos, all the while keeping in mind the shots were not only going live to screen but also being recorded as archival footage.

The Results

Yet again Impact AV was able to help achieve a successful event for the fourth year running, with around 650 guests enjoying a truly professional and smooth-flowing event.  The performance of our technical team enhanced the delivery of the events heartfelt material to help raise several thousands of dollars. This meant that yet again, Impact AV was able to help with the raising of monetary donations and help many aspiring athletes to attend the next Special Olympics to pursue their dreams and ambitions.