ISES – All Stars Breakfast

The Brief

To provide an inspiring platform for creative communication, networking prospects, and sharing of artistic juices at the All Stars Breakfast on behalf of the prestigious International Special Events Society. Appointed as the technical producers for the event, Impact AV was the driving force to help create a dynamic occasion to gain exclusive industry knowledge with many noteworthy and important industry experts.

The Approach

As the audio visual sponsor for this event, we worked closely with team at ISES and other event sponsors to create an atmosphere that was fun and full energy. This was a challenging task to achieve for this very early morning breakfast event. However the team at Impact AV would not let pre-sunrise darkness get in our way!

With a few significant key piecing of eye catching “Oscar Award” theming we were able to bring to life! The Golden All Star Statues supplied by Sydney Props. Star Gobo’s and LED up-lights brought another edge and helped with energising the crowd by getting the creative juices flowing.

The Bally-Ho lighting effects in combination with the “get your heart pumping” intro music (as the All Stars were announced) managed to really wake up the crowd and prepare them for the inspirational conversations with the All Stars.

We believe that sometimes it is the most simple ideas or techniques that can work the best. It definitely did for this early morning breakfast! Once we managed to create the atmosphere and vibe for the event, we left it up to the All Stars to get the crowd roaring and pumping with creative ideas, they did not disappoint. It was a fun and informative session tailored to dispersing vital industry knowledge.

The Result

Impact AV created a dynamic and fun loving energy for the breakfast despite challenges and strict deadlines. ISES was able to achieve a triumphant platform for industry experts to effectively share and speak about current industry knowledge. Impact AV created a simple and effective avenue for the All Stars to inspire the creative flair and energy within the eager spectators. And finally, Impact AV was the driving force behind maximising the collaborative knowledge of the extraordinary guests and speakers for the event.