About Us

Why Choose Impact AV

You will enjoy great, hands-on, personal service and advice, every step of the way, from initial quote through to on-site audio visual performance delivery.

You will have peace of mind knowing our experienced staff will deliver the right technical solutions behind-the-scenes, to enable you to focus on other areas of your event.

You will connect with your audience via the creative edge and high quality of our audio visual solutions.

You will not be disappointed by poor service, inexperience or technical hitches. We understand the importance to you of getting your event right the first time, every time, within deadlines and budgets – and that’s what we’ll deliver.

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Creative Approach

Creativity is the lifeblood of an event. It can inspire an emotive response in your audience, set your message apart from your competitors, and make an event memorable.

There is no better way to achieve this than by bringing an idea to life through stunning audio visual solutions.

We offer our clients a deep knowledge and years of experience in what makes an event memorable and how technology can be used creatively to enhance it.

Read more about our creative solutions in our success stories.

Committed Service

We believe it is our personalised service that sets us apart, every step of the way, on every single event.

It’s extremely important to us that each event meets – or exceeds – our clients’ expectations. There is no room for error with live events and we value how important it is for our clients that we get it right.

No matter how vast, or how intimate, your event is, we are committed to ensuring you enjoy exceptional, prompt, personal service, every step of the way.

Quality Technology

We use the best and newest forms of audio visual technology available.

Having great, state-of-the-art technology opens up the innovative options available to our clients. It also gives clients, and our on-site technical crew, confidence in the smooth running of an event.

We are passionate about keeping our equipment up to date. Our technical teams are continuously researching, testing and being trained in the latest technologies available to enhance events.

We also have external technology partnerships that ensure we can always source the right equipment for your event, even if we don’t have it in our warehouse.